European Bank Restructuring During the Global Financial Crisis

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What could go wrong?

European Bank Failures: A Bellwether for Another Imminent 2008 Financial Crisis?

Deutsche Bank announced the restructuring at the weekend , with chief executive Christian Sewing saying the group would exit its equities sales and trading business, shedding about 18, of its 91, employees in the process. Deutsche Bank chief executive, Christian Sewing, has announced a massive restructuring and a severe scaling back of the group's global ambitions. Credit: Bloomberg. In effect, 20 years after Deutsche acquired Bankers Trust in the US as part of an ambition to challenge the major Wall Street investment banks, Deutsche is surrendering the larger part of that ambition.

The decision to shut down its equities business, including its Australian business, follows the failed merger discussions with its fellow-German and also struggling banking group, Commerzbank earlier this year. The end of those negotiations, which would have produced massive cost reduction potential and perhaps blurred the condition of the individual banks, left Deutsche no option but to pursue a radical course independently. It plans to retain its global financing, advisory, fixed income and currencies businesses.

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It appears, however, that those businesses will be more closely aligned with its more conventional corporate banking activities. How Brexit affects the Frankfurt Motor Show. Michigan is first state to ban flavored e-cigarettes.

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China's dual banking system: consolidation as the final solution for weak small banks

Strategist: Market can't absorb trade war escalation. The assets will be sold over the coming years. It's a dramatic shift for the year-old bank, a pillar of European finance that has struggled to produce consistent profits despite undergoing a series of overhauls. Deutsche Bank DB said the job reductions would be made by , bringing its headcount down to roughly 74, employees.

Greece's Debt Crisis Timeline | Council on Foreign Relations

It stated its global ambitions in with the purchase of Bankers Trust, an American investment bank. Wall Street is killing the European investment bank. But the bank — and its investment banking team in particular — struggled to find direction following the global financial crisis. This external publication delves into the new responsibility given to the European Central Bank: supervision on banks in the euro-area. It tells its history and illustrates its functions, structure and responsibilities and the exceptional answers to respond to the "perfect storm" of the crisis.

Tackling Europe’s crisis legacy: a comprehensive strategy for bad loans and debt restructuring

The US regime for non-viable banks has maintained a high degree of stability and public confidence by protecting deposits, while working to minimise the public cost of that protection. EU reformers can draw valuable insights from the US experience.

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Croatia seems a suitable candidate for euro area accession: there is a tight peg to the euro, high public debt is coming down, and the banking sector is already dominated by euro area banks. None of the announced reform plans are new or easily concluded within the timeframe that has now been agreed.

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Memo to the president of the European Central Bank. A textbook condition of international finance breaks down. Economic research identifies the interplay between divergent monetary policies and new financial regulation as the source of the puzzle, and generates concerns about unintended consequences for financing conditions and financial stability.

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